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The 4-in-1: The best new secret in beauty


This treatment features five different modalities, Radio Frequency, Microcurrent, 7 different LED lights and Electroporation.


The minute I put this device on the client’s face, the first thing I see is a smile and a giggle. Out of all the treatments I do, this is the one that is loved the most.


This treatment is also the most inclusive treatment of all. It tightens and lifts the muscles in your face, under your eyes, neck, brows. It tightens the skin, builds collagen.


Electroporation is the newest very exciting way to deliver your active serums and creams into the deepest layers in the skin so they reach the cells directly. In simple language, it is like opening the door to your cells so they can be fed. Results are much faster.


Most products have molecules that are too big so you don’t get the benefit of the product and that the product won’t have access where it is needed the most.


Some of the products used to deliver to the cells are collagen, vitamin C, stem cell stimulators, pigmentation disruptors, deep hydration.


When an exfoliation is done before the treatment is done, product absorption is 400%


This treatment is totally safe, feels amazing. There is no downtime. The results are much faster and speed up the process using all these modalities.  Once a week process will keep your skin looking fresh, young and alive. Also great for prevention or maintenance.