Lori Hart | About Face and Beyond | High Definition Airbrush Makeup Session
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High Definition Airbrush Makeup Session


Airbrush makeup can help you to achieve a flawless, model perfect skin look in just minutes by spraying custom and natural makeup on your skin. There is no need for powder and it’s the most hygienic way of applying make up. The results of airbrush makeup makes your skin look naturally high definition, cover most of the blemishes, birthmarks and unwanted marks. It’s smudge, heat resistant and waterproof.


It’s such a light weight makeup that most clients say it’s just like having no makeup put on their face. It lasts up to 12 hours as well. Airbrush makeup is well known in photo shoots, modelling, TV industries. Airbrush makeup is suitable for both men and women in every skin condition who seek long lasting makeup for special occasions.