Lori Hart | About Face and Beyond | Makeup tips for women undergoing cancer treatments
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Makeup tips for women undergoing cancer treatments

Preparing your canvas

Make sure your hands are clean before applying makeup with sulfate free and antibacterial cleanser to prevent bacteria.


Pick products for sensitive skin with no added chemicals or fragrance. Even natural products with essential oils could irritate sensitive skin.


When undergoing treatment, be aware the skin can be dry and flaky and more sensitive, even oily skin. It is very important to use a moisturizer over wet skin with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Make sure it is pure, free of fragrance, colors, dyes, fillers, mineral oil or parabens.


When undergoing chemo

When undergoing chemo, you skin can get red and blotchy and irritated or maybe just gray or sallow.


For daytime or wanting a more natural look, I feel a good quality loose mineral makeup will not only feel good, give good coverage, and protect you in the sun. If you are looking a bit ashen, I have the color be a bit peachy or rosy so you don’t look jaundice.


I use it with a very large synthetic silk fiber brush to apply evenly to your skin. It is much easier to control how much product you need and is very soft when it touches sensitive skin.


If you need more coverage, you can use natural mineral cream or cream to powder concealer. Again…I cannot stress enough about using products with the purest ingredients.


There are color correctors and paramedical makeup for women that really want more coverage. They have much more pigment and can be used sparingly.


And of course, there are still women that like liquid foundation. Depending on what is happening to your skin, you can use oil free or enhanced.


Lastly there are tinted moisturizers.

You can set the makeup with a bronzer, or translucent mineral powder. If you are using a bronzer, make sure it doesn’t make you look orange.
Please do not use regular face powder or baby powder. Harmful to the skin!


It is especially more important at this time to make sure your tools and sponges are clean. If possible, try to use disposable applicators whenever you can so as not to spread bacteria.


If you are using mascara, please make sure you change it out every 2-3 months. Don’t pump the brush. It pumps in bacteria and air.


Be gentle when using your hands on your face. No rubbing.


Now that we have prepared your canvas…

Depending on how much color you choose to use, depends on you.


Your brows can thin during treatment. I suggest a very soft gel pen or angle brush with brow color to fill in or enhance your brows. There are also various sizes of stencils to help make the perfect arch and shape for your face. I tend to choose colors close to the color of your existing brows or a bit softer than the hair color or wig.
When using gels or cream shadows or liners, I will set with a light dusting of setting powder for longevity.


Use a soft gel pen to put on the eyes to create the look of more eyelashes or make your eye more smoky. When using eyeshadow, make sure they are creamy so not to pull the skin around your eyes.


Use natural lipsticks that have no harmful ingredients, make sure they are more creamy and moisturizing.
If using lip liner, make sure it is soft. You can softly outline the lips. I put lip liner on the whole lip and apply lipstick over it.