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Lori Hart is an anti-aging expert who specializes in non-surgical approaches that help women love themselves as they age. She is passionate about educating women about aging in a safe, healthy and painless way and has been involved in beauty for over 35 years.  READ MORE


Without surgery, lasers, or downtime!

Tighten and lift the muscles in your face, under your eyes, neck, brows.   Electroporation is the newest very exciting way to deliver your active serums and creams into the deepest layers in the skin so they reach the cells directly. In simple language, it is like opening the door to your cells so they can be fed. Results are much faster. Most products have molecules that are too big so you don’t get the benefit of the product and that the product won’t have access where it is needed the most.

Celebrity Clientele



All of the state of the art and unusual techniques that work. I rarely see immediate results as I did with Lori. My face and neck were totally lifted. It feels so great.” –Shari Geffen, LA Style Experience

“This is the best treatment you have ever offered. My boyfriend and I love this treatment. My skin not only looks great but if feels great.” –Mariel Hemingway


“I couldn’t say enough about Lori, she is totally committed to helping her clients feel good and look younger, the results of her treatment are dramatic and I strongly recommend her.” –Rachna M.

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