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After more than 10 years of success with the classic MRS 2000 + MediConsult ® a new chapter in the field of magnetic resonance stimulation on the. The most-sold magnetic-resonance-stimulation system on the planet is a worthy successor.

The brand-new MRS 2000 + designo ® offers a modern, dynamic and compact design, a high degree of ease of use, unbeatable mechanical stability and the optimization of ergonomics and efficiency. The newly constructed applicator mat is much thicker and made more robust to stability in daily use to ensure the mechanical. Similarly, the cushion that the same pattern as the applicator was optimized for the. A complete new development is the applicator of the MED-version dar. MediConsult succeeded, special metallic nuclear shield, the intensity of the electromagnetic field on the “point” to a focus by. This opens up completely new, more effective options for selected indications and new therapeutic approaches in medical practices and in clinical use.

The newly developed user interface is clearly structured, especially stamped buttons ensure safe operation for the elderly and users with very poor vision.

The new MRS 2000 + designo ® is the result of over 10 years experience in the field of magnetic resonance stimulation and combines all the necessary parameters of extremely easy and safe operation up to a maximum degree of effectiveness in a system.

Over 1,000 medical and scientific publications worldwide report on the effectiveness of magnetic resonance stimulation. The MRS 2000 + designo ® is the consistent further development while the new benchmark in the field of pulsating magnetic field therapy, at home, at the doctor and the hospital. Made in Germany!

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