The Scalar Wave Laser is a cold laser (also known as a soft laser, low level laser or healing laser) that has been designed to gently rejuvenate cells. Cold lasers rejuvenate the cells by gently donating energy in the form of photons, which then increases the energy molecule of the cell, called ATP, which in turn stimulates the cell to grow more efficiently.The Scalar Wave Laser penetrates the surface of the skin with little or no heating effect insuring the protection of the tissue from any potential damage. The energy is directed deep into treatment area stimulating the body’s cells which convert the light energy into chemical energy which results in promoting natural healing. The laser is used to not only rejuvenate the cell but to unwind and clear cell memory


Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury and disease. The scalar waves neutralize all polarity and shift the cell memory. This quantum laser approach can be applied to any injuries, stress, tension, disease, or to activate the key body systems such as the glands, organs, chakras, meridians allowing the body to bring itself back into perfect wellbeing.


They are used for injuries and pain relief, stress and disease, facial rejuvenation, smoking cessation, organ detox and balancing, cranial and glandular unwinding, acupuncture and energy healing, lymphatic wellness and rejuvenation and quantum activation and shift to the unified field.


During your Scalar Wave Laser session, the light source is placed directly on the skin. You will feel a state of relaxation and a soothing warm touch. It is completely painless and non-invasive. The results have been exceptional, assisting your body to rapidly heal long-term injuries and conditions.


Contact Lori for current pricing for service. Discounted personally tailored combination packages available.

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