Timothy Dalton – Publicity Stills for License to Kill
Ted Shackelford – Photo Session
Eddie Murphy – Publicity Stills
Barry Gibb – Album Cover and Publicity Stills
Malcolm McDowell – Santa Barbara Magazine – Cover and feature
Mary Steenburgen – Photo Session
Andy Taylor – Rolling Stone Magazine
Suzanne DePasse – Vogue Magazine
Bob Mackie – Interview Magazine
Daniel J. Travanti – Elle Magazine
Madolyn Smith – Publicity Stills for Funny Farm
Mary Frann – Publicity Stills
Barbara Crampton – Publicity for The Young and The Restless
Jefferson Starship – Photo Session for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Keenan Ivory Wayans – Publicity Stills for Movie I’m O git U Sucka
Isaac Hayes – Publicity Stills for Movie I’m O git U Sucka
Jim Brown – Photo Session
Bernie Casey – Photo Session
Ja’net DuBois – Photo Session
I’m O git U Sucka – Ad Campaign; Dick Delson and Assoc
I’m O git U Sucka – Ebony/Jet Magazine Cover
Darren McGavin – Publicity Stills for Movie
Linda MacEwen – Publicity Photos for Illegally Yours
Victoria’s Garden – Ad for Los Angeles Magazine
Susan Bridges – Ad for Main Magazine
Bernard – Spago – Wine Tasting Photo Session
Barbara McGraw – Forbes Magazine
Crystal McKellar – Publicity for The Wonder Years

Eddie Murphy – How Could It Be Rock Video
Suzanne de Passe – Promotional Videos for Motown Productions, Inc
Suzanne de Passe – Stevie Wonder Awards Video
Burt Ward – Industrial and Trade Video
Great Expectations – All Corporate and Member Videos
Bellyrobics – Sphinx Productions
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Le Due Productions
Bernard – Spago – Wine Video, Paramount Productions

Paramedics Production – Feature Film – Vestron Pictures, Ruddy Morgan & Productions – George Newburn
I’m O Git U Sucka – Feature Film – United Artists – Ivory Coast Productions – Keenan Ivory Wayans, Isaac Hayes, Jim Brown, Bernie Casey, Ja’net DuBois, Ann Marie Johnson
A Class Struggle In Beverly Hills – Feature Film – North Street Films – Jacqueline Bisset,
Lords of the Deep – Robert Beltran, Ray Sharkey, Mary Woronov
Farewell to The King Joan Chen – Feature Film – New Horizon Films – Prescilla Barnes, Bradford Dillman & Ruddy Morgan Productions – Screen Test & Screen Test

Chevy Chase – Barbara Walters Show
Jaynie Chase – Barbara Walters Show
Timothy Dalton – TV Interview for The Movie Channel, USA Today, Entertainment,Tonight, HBO, Showtime, Movietime, Entertainment Report
Roddy McDowell – TV Interview for HBO, Showtime, Movietime, Entertainment Report
Liv Ullman – TV Interview for HBO, Showtime, Movietime, Entertainment Report,USA Today, The Johnny Carson Show
Issac Hayes – TV Interview for Entertainment Tonight
Jim Brown – TV Interview for Entertainment Tonight
Bernie Casey – TV Interview for Entertainment Tonight
Ja’net DuBois – TV Interview for Entertainment Tonight
Anne Marie Johnson – TV Interview for Entertainment Tonight
Clarence Williams III – TV Interview for Entertainment Tonight
Jamie Farr – TV Pilot Surprise, Surprise – Woody Frasier Productions
Jefferson Starship – TV Pilot Surprise, Surprise – Woody Frasier Productions
Everybody’s Money Matters – Financial Talk Show, TV Interview for Entertainment Tonight
Barbara McGraw – Fox Entertainment News

Lori in the Media
Soaps in Depth, ’97
Glamour Magazine, Nov ’97
Good Day LA, Mar ’98
LA Times, Working from Home, Jan 6 ’99
Entrepreneur, Home Office, Feb ’99
Self Magazine, Nov ’99
Fox News, Los Angeles, July ’00
Kcal Channel 9 News, Nov ’00
Woman to Woman, CBS, Jan ’01
Los Angeles Magazine, May ’01
Woman to Woman, CBS, July ’01
Santa Monica Observer, March ’03
Eye on LA, ABC, March, ’03
National Enquirer, April ‘03
Eyewitness News, May ’03
Los Angeles Times Magazine, August 24,’03
Women’s Health & Fitness, September ’03
Ms. Fitness, Fall ’03
Soap Talk, February ’04
Body & Soul, March ’04
Women’s Health & Fitness, May ’04
Women’s Health & Fitness, February ’05

Photographic Makeup – Westmore Academy
Makeup for Film and Entertainment Industry – UCLA
Airbrush Makeup – UCLA
Paramedic Corrective Camouflage – Cinema Secrets

Additional Celebrities
Kelly Packard
Uma Thurman
Laura Dern
Robert Doqui
Pamela Anderson Lee
Barbara Hershey
Brittany Spears
John Pleshette
Lawrence Hilton Jacobs
Diane Ladd
Marsha Mason
Telly Savalas
Karen Witter
James Noble
James Reed
Martha Stewart
Susan Sullivan
Ray Walston
Leah Rimini
Jenna Elfman

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