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Anti-Aging Technology

The latest technology for feeding the skin vital nutrients and keeping it healthy. New equipment kills harmful bacteria responsible for acne, dermatitis, skin infections, and other malicious skin organisms.

The at-home Rejuvenation System is extremely popular for daily nourishment of the skin. It’s your own private facialist using systems that cleanse, tighten, and stimulate collagen building–all in the comfort of your own home. This is great for busy schedules and only a fraction of the cost of a salon. Turn back time and give yourself a glowing, uplifted, smooth complexion. They’re great for those who travel, always allowing time for your skin to be pampered. Together, they create non-surgical face-lifts.


Body Care

Give your skin what it deserves.




We carry the finest sable brushes designed to work with our minerals–the best way to bring out the beauty.



Besides our own line of cosmetics, Lori carries several products, which supplement our Natural Mineral Cosmetics. Much like our own, these products use Natural Mineral color.



Make your eyes shine with top-of-the-line mascara–a look that won’t go unnoticed.





Mineral Makeup

Lori Hart Minerals are an amazing breakthrough in natural color cosmetics that use only pure colors from the earth’s natural minerals. Our micronized minerals enhance skin tone while allowing natural radiance to shine. This allows a veil-like quality, which offers the ability to layer colors without a heavy appearance.


Skin Care

A complete line of skinsational products that make skin look and feel great.





Soothing bath products to treat your body to.




Starter Kits

For beginners using Mineral Makeup. Each of Lori’s foundation kits includes minerals and proper brushes to get started. Each kit comes with two base shades blended by Lori to fit individual skin tone. Try them out and decide which is best for you. Remember, with Mineral Makeup, a little goes a long way.


Sun Protection

All of Lori’s sun block line is made from all-natural titanium dioxide. It’s life insurance, for skin.

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WELCOME to my dream and passion of keeping women looking sexy and youthful at any age.

I am committed to providing the most advanced treatments and technologies that turn back the clock.

In my 24 years in the industry, I have personally explored thousands of products. After a while, it becomes confusing. I decided to personally decode the best-of-the-best formulas for my clientele.

I invite you to experience simple and unique protocols for re-sculpting, regenerating, and redefining a more youthful you.”